Patient consultation skills are hard to learn — MEKSI makes it easy

MEKSI is a Virtual Standardised Patient (VSP) that allows doctors and medical students to safely practise and refine clinical consultation skills.



What Is MEKSI?

A Patient Consult Simulator
Designed for Safe Medical Learning

Realistic Medical Scenarios

MEKSI cases reflect the type and variety of real life patients scenarios.

Contactless Patient Consults

Safely practise the art of patient consultations — no real patient contact.

Instant, Comprehensive Feedback

Get a scorecard in real time so consultation skills can be practised and fine tuned.

The MEKSI Difference

How It Works

Powered By AI

MEKSI leverages cutting-edge Neural Network Technology to deliver immersive educational experiences

Select Your Field and

Experience MEKSI for Yourself

MEKSI makes it easy to sharpen your patient consultation skills — whenever and wherever you like

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How Your Organisation Can Benefit

MEKSI’s technology makes it possible for doctors to deliver better, safer healthcare


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