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Pass the RCE – How MEKSI Works

MEKSI is an AI powered virtual standardised patient (VSP) so that doctors can safely practise patient consultation skills.

Pass the RCE by using MEKSI: a computer-based clinical simulator of patient consultations.

 The user logs in on a computer or device. 

A realistic virtual standardised patient appears on the screen. They look like a video of a real person. 

Using natural language, the user can speak or type their questions to take a patient history. The virtual patient understands the questions and answers them. 

The user takes history, makes clinical investigation, conducts a physical examination of the, makes a differential diagnosis, orders tests, and creates a management plan.

Using Google Voice and artificial intelligence from IBM Watson Health, the virtual standardised patient delivers objectivity superior to human role play.

After each simulated patient consultation, there is a debriefing session where the artificial intelligence gives constructive feedback. 

MEKSI offers a valid and reliable framework for universities and medical recruiters, to assess competency.

Key Features 

    • A clinical simulation designed for medical problem-based learning
    • Realistic situational context
    • Objective assessment data about the student of medicine
    • Aligned to Australian and global clinical guidelines 
    • Contactless environment
    • Standardised and therefore prone to less error than human standardised patients 
    • Variety of real-life scenarios 
    • Instant comprehensive feedback
    • Non-judgemental environment

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