Clinical Exam Training

Ace your clinical exams with MEKSI

Medical students are deluged with information. As a doctor, your job is to apply that theory in real life patient consultations. MEKSI makes it easier to train for (and pass) your medical exams.

1. Meet your patient
via video

Every consultation uses pre-recorded videos of actors role-playing a medical condition. Your task is to interact with these “patients”, using your investigation skills to identify possible red flags.

2. Problem-solving and

Use your problem-solving skills to ask relevant questions and order tests on patients. Make decisions on the development of a management plan and form a differential diagnosis.

3. Real-life interpersonal Skills

Use your real-life interpersonal skills to build trust and rapport in the consultation.

Clear communication is key and MEKSI will help you develop these critical skills. 

4. Guidance Mode Option Activated

The Guidance Mode option sets the pace for learning and customises assistance levels. 

5. Engaging with the Artificial Intelligence

After each simulated patient consultation, there is a debriefing session where MEKSI offers constructive feedback using AI algorithms.

Key Features & Benefits

Facing an exam or assessment without the right learning tools is detrimental to your success. From medical student to professional doctor, getting the right training and passing your medical exams is a must.

Realistic situational context

MEKSI is highly realistic in recreating the situational context for the doctor, be that in the emergency room, hospital or outpatient practice.

Aligned to Australian clinical guidelines for the highest quality medical care.

Private – no judgement

MEKSI is aimed at medical students wanting to practise their clinical consultation skills by themselves, without fear of judgement by their peers. It allows practice of case after case against the computer, whether with specific situations or simply to test their skills, all by themselves and in a completely non-judgmental setting.

Active Learning Aids Memory

By using simulations MEKSI is a form of active learning. Active learning aids memory and refines clinical skills, so with MEKSI your time spent learning is more efficient.

Instant comprehensive feedback

In the MEKSI simulation, mistakes can be made and corrected. Your practices can be refined. Scores and instant feedback are provided, meaning you don’t need to later rethink what you may have done wrong.

Safe Environment

Patient consultations are virtual, avoiding any harm that may be associated with traditional models of physical teaching.

Standardised (therefore unbiased)

In a normal role-play with another human, it is highly probable to that the person ‘acting’ the patient role introduces inconsistencies. This means unintended bias can creep in.

Doctors clinical learning
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Top Marks

Ace your clinical exams with MEKSI by your side

MEKSI was created to make studying for medical exams easier, more enjoyable and a lot less stressful than it used to be.

Try MEKSI today and immediately improve your chances of passing with top marks, first time – every time!