Medical Recruitment

Find your Diamond in the Rough

Identifying the cream of the crop requires a stringent screening process for medical recruiters. With MEKSI, you’ll identify the perfect candidate in no time.

The Problem

Standardised Assessment of Clinical Skills is Difficult

The doctors selected for your career opportunity need to be of the highest calibre. 

Your medical candidates MUST be capable of delivering the same high quality of patient care demanded by employers.

So how do you know if they are up to scratch?

the online artificial patient
What if you could

Level the Playing Field

MEKSI is the ideal way to screen your candidates and provide an objective assessment for your recruitment agency when hiring doctors.

Results are standardised against Australian and global clinical standards, so you can base selections on a level benchmark.

How does MEKSI help?

Recruit Medical Talent using the Power of AI

Patient-centred care is the most critical success factor for a medical centre. It also allows recruiters the opportunity to objectively assess candidates to ensure they meet the high quality patient consultation standards you set.

MEKSI is the consummate medical interview preparation tool for candidates wishing to apply for a position with a medical centre. 

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