How MEKSI Works

MEKSI improves doctors clinical skills by simulating patient consultations and delivering comprehensive, actionable feedback.

Virtual Patient simulations

Safely improve patient consults

Patient Consultation

Video of a realistic virtual standardised patient appears on the screen. Interact using natural language by speaking or typing questions to take a patient history.

Clinical Investigation

Take the patient’s history, conduct a physical examination, make a differential diagnosis, orders tests and create a management plan.

Feedback & Debrief

Following completion of each simulated patient consultation, the artificial intelligence gives constructive feedback based on clinical standards.

Key Features

Advanced in Every Way

Clinical simulations designed for medical problem-based learning

Cases are delivered within a realistic situational context

Provides objective assessment data about the user

Variety of real-life case scenarios (heart, lungs, musculoskeletal, neurological)

Standardised and less prone to error, unlike human standardised patients (HSP)

Instant comprehensive feedback

Non-judgemental environment

Aligned to Australian and global clinical guidelines

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