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We’ve put together the answers to some commonly asked questions to give you more information about MEKSI.

Category #1

MEKSI improves a doctor’s clinical skills by simulating patient consultations through a chatbot, while delivering comprehensive, actionable feedback. For more information, please visit our website to see how MEKSI can transform your learning experience and help you achieve success in your field!

MEKSI is a chatbot that simulates interactions between a patient and a doctor, through a virtual patient who responds to user queries and inputs.  This allows students to practise various aspects of patient consultation in a manner that provides extensive, actionable feedback.

A patient simulation is a way for medical students to practise performing medical consultations, without using real patients. It simulates a real life patient consultation with scenarios that are highly realistic. The clinical simulation is contactless and uses a computer or device. As it is controlled with AI, it is objective, making it an excellent tool for problem-based learning. 

A VSP is a virtual patient that facilitates a user’s practise of history-taking, investigation, and clinical reasoning through an interactive chatbot. The VPS operates autonomously, responding to inputs in a manner that a real-life patient would.

MEKSI seeks to reduce medical error by exposing students to real-life scenarios in a controlled and standardised environment. As such, users are able to practise their skills and garner experience without any risk to patients, so as to reduce medical error in real-life consults.

Yes, we offer a free trial case which you can register for here. https://www.meksi.com/register/

Category #2

Yes, MEKSI is aligned with Australian and global clinical standards.

Around the world, doctors are deluged with information. Analysts with IBM Watson Health say doctors need to recall 200 times more than the average human can retain. The solution to this global problem is having doctors meet the highest global standard, and having objective measures to train and support them.

MEKSI is a computer-based platform where a user logs in. They meet a realistic virtual standardised patient who appears on their screen. Using natural language, the user can ask or type questions for the VPS. The patient understands the questions and answers them. In this way, ahe user performs a history-taking, makes clinical investigation, conducts a physical examination of the VPS, makes a differential diagnosis, orders tests, and creates a management plan. (link to how it works).

MEKSI provides comprehensive feedback on several parameters of performance, yielding scores for each individual aspect of student performance. This provides valuable insight to recruiters who are able to access detailed information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of a prospect employee.

MEKSI is an automated chatbot that operates online. As such, we do not offer clinical rotations at the moment, but MEKSI seeks to replicate doctor-patient interactions and is therefore valuable to students on clinical rotation.

You can register for Meksi here at https://www.meksi.com/register/ and can complete a free case

The subscription packages are TBA, and we will be providing alerts when they are launching.

Last updated: 8th Dec 2020

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