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We’ve put together the answers to some commonly asked questions to give you more information about MEKSI.

Category #1

MEKSI is an abbreviation of MEdical Knowledge Simulator. It has been developed for use as a virtual standardised patient. MEKSI is designed for problem-based learning for medical students and doctors, as well as to assess medical competency for universities and medical recruiters.

A patient simulation is a way for medical students to practise performing medical consultations, without using real patients. It simulates a real life patient consultation with scenarios that are highly realistic. The clinical simulation is contactless and uses a computer or device. As it is controlled with AI, it is objective, making it an excellent tool for problem-based learning. 

A VPS is a computer-generated patient. It allows medical students to practise fundamentals skills such as history-taking, investigation, and clinical reasoning before encountering real patients. The VSP is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). It understands spoken and typed questions and responds with answers. The VSP is a realistic patient encounter with the advantage of being objective. This makes it less prone to error than a human standardised patient.

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer. Performing a patient consultation is a fundamental skill for every doctor. During medical school, there are few opportunities to practice clinical consultations. Human role plays are not standardised and may be biased. MEKSI is a clinical simulator designed for problem-based learning. It provides a realistic scenario for students to practice history-taking, investigation, clinical reasoning, and decision making using natural language without risk to any real patients. It is a non-judgemental environment, with instant comprehensive feedback for active learning.

Category #2

Yes, MEKSI is aligned with Australian and global clinical standards.

Around the world, doctors are deluged with information. Analysts with IBM Watson Health say doctors need to recall 200 times more than the average human can retain. The solution to this global problem is having doctors meet the highest global standard, and having objective measures to train and support them.

MEKSI is a computer-based platform where a user logs in. They meet a realistic virtual standardised patient who appears on their screen. Using natural language, the user can ask or type questions for the VPS. The patient understands the questions and answers them. In this way, ahe user performs a history-taking, makes clinical investigation, conducts a physical examination of the VPS, makes a differential diagnosis, orders tests, and creates a management plan. (link to how it works).

Patient-centred care is the most critical success factor for a medical centre. It also allows recruiters the opportunity to objectively assess candidates to ensure they meet the high quality patient consultation standards you set. MEKSI is the consummate medical interview preparation tool for candidates wishing to apply for a position with a medical centre. 

Last updated: 16th Oct 2020

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