Master the Art of Patient Consults

Even established doctors are sometimes unable to effectively diagnose and manage certain diseases. MEKSI ensures that doctors are able to continually refine and maintain their skills using simulated patient consult training.

Beware the sleeping tiger

Specific Disease Clinical Consults

Certain diseases seem to be on everyone’s radar. Others, however, slip by unnoticed.

It is possible for doctors to misdiagnose or completely miss particular conditions due to their similarity with others or lack of familiarity.

Often it is advocacy groups, patient organisations, and medical researchers who pioneer methods of detection and testing. They lead disease awareness and help doctors refine clinical consultations so as not to miss these sleeping tigers.  


medical flexibility

Change in clinical setting ?

Often the time comes in a doctor’s career, that he/she wishes to relocate to a different setting. For instance, a doctor may wish to move from a city hospital to transition into rural medicine.

Some settings bring the challenge of less funding or fewer resources. This makes the need for sharp clinical reasoning and decision making more acute.  

MEKSI provides the upskilling opportunities to allow doctors to stay at the top of their game whatever the settings — be it Bondi or the bush.

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